From the time your toddler leaves the safety net of your home to attend daycare, kindergarten, mothers group, or playgroup, labels will become part of your daily life.
Not only do we label objects; humans too get their fair share, including our kids.
At mothers group there are the walkers, the talkers, the feeders, the reflux babies, the bossy babies, the demanding babies; the list is endless. In school we meet the bullies, the nerds, the quiet achievers, the attention deficit disorder kids and so forth.
Coloured labels, (green with name and rockets and blue with name and dinosaurs), were plastered over my boys’ belongings and uniforms. I didn’t want to be “that mum” doing the weekly trawl through the lost property bin! ( there is always the kid that is labelled as the loser of all possessions!)
In later years the dymo label maker took precedence over the coloured labels in our house  and this made labelling a fun activity. Yep, you can label me the weirdo that loves crafty stuff including bubble wrap and label makers!
Labels are always there to define who we are and what we do..
Me – I’m the blogger mum of twin boys 😊


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