Unconditional love…

Today I cried watching a video on fb. (the youtube link is listed below) It was about a guy telling his life story to young high school students; he told how he made bad choices, took drugs, drank and hung out with a bad crowd. Throughout his Mum stood by him, supported him, believed in him and each night waited for him to come home ( no matter how late) wanting to talk with him and share his life. His answer was to slam his bedroom door in her face and yell at her to leave him alone.
Some time later, whilst out of the country, he got the dreaded knock on the door at 3 in the morning telling him his Mum had passed away suddenly.
His message to the kids was simple; never turn your back on the one person in the world who will love you unconditionally and always believe in you. Talk to them while you can, because one day they may not be here and his final words were heartbreaking.
“Mum, I would give anything to talk to you now”..
All the kids in the audience were crying listening to his heartfelt message and I marvel that he has managed to conquer his misery at her loss and turn it into a powerful message for others.
If he manages to stop just one kid making bad choices, then it is a life saved.
His Mum would be so proud…


youtube link to: marc mero speech about his mother

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3 thoughts on “Unconditional love…

    1. I think you would have to be extremely hard hearted not to shed a tear listening to Marc’s story…

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