Behind closed doors…

You don’t have to look far in today’s society to find controversial subject matter. Same sex marriage,  gay rights and gender change have all been topical in recent times.
I tread on eggshells writing this post, knowing their are many who will strongly disagree with my views ( as is their right.)
I personally don’t care what people do behind closed doors, but I do object strongly when it is pushed in my face; I have the same views on religion! I cringe when I see same sex couples displaying excessive affection when in public, and recently find it happening more and more. I believe these couples are acting deliberately, loving the shocked and often condemning and disproving looks they get. They thrive on controversy and are intending to shock.
I might add I feel the same if I see heterosexual couples acting this way; these people feel it is their right, and believe they are not affecting others, but parents can be faced with questions from their offspring who are naturally curious. Yes, children need to be made aware of what is out there in this weird and wonderful world, but it doesn’t have to be shoved down your throat!
I also believe that a general acceptance of gay behaviour has lead to many more kids ” walking that path” ; it is another way of gaining attention.
That’s said if one of my boys came home with a male partner, I like to think I would accept them for what they are. ( My boys are now adults and capable of making rational decisions) . I would  however protest if they intended to raise a child together. I strongly believe a child needs to have parents of each gender; two dads raising a baby may have all the love in the world, but no basic mothering instinct.
But that’s just my view…



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