Luck in life…

When out and about with my twin baby boys, people would always smile and say “Double trouble” to which my stock standard reply was “No, twice as nice!” They might have been pitying me, but in my eyes I was blessed.
After 10 years of unsuccessfully trying to start a family, the euphoric feeling upon hearing the words “you’re pregnant”  only increased when we saw two heartbeats at the scan.
Hard work it was, but the good outweighed the bad and if ever I heard others say they were expecting twins I would tell them how lucky they were.
Granted, I am lucky to have a happy marriage ( 33 years), happy, healthy, smart kids, a collection of wonderful friends, and a great life. That said, all that didn’t come without my share of heartache and “bad luck” so I resent people telling me how lucky I am. We worked damn hard to achieve what we have and whilst I know there are people who don’t have the chance to make good, there are plenty who are happy to sit back and take what they can, moan about how lucky others are, and not lift a finger to try and help themselves…


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