Mamma Bear…

A mother’s instinct is a force not to be reckoned with. The instant my twins entered this world I transformed into a ferocious mumma bear who would do anything to protect my babies and keep them safe from harm.

When they are older, it is very hard, but necessary, to step back and allow them to make mistakes and suffer consequences, a vital life lesson if they are not to become part of the “precious” generation. Too many excuses and not enough reality is a big problem in kids’ lives today; it’s all about everyone being equal, no winners and losers. The problem is, real life is not like that at all, and many kids struggle to find their way after leaving the safety of the school system. They believe the world owes them instead of themselves making a contribution to society. They want it all without putting in the hard yards, and they want it yesterday! And much like Frankenstein, we have created these monsters!
However, when they are toddlers it’s fine to guard and protect; your maternal instinct is innate. I could yell at my boys, but heaven help others who took the same liberty!
Just ask the 12 year old kids at the playground,who started bossing and telling my two they couldn’t play in the cubby house , totally unaware I was there, sitting out of sight but within earshot! Big mistake – those kids got the biggest telling off and I’m sure they thought twice before telling any other toddlers what to do! ( Well, without first checking there are no wild mumma bears on the prowl!)

Mess with me, I will let karma take care of you; mess with my family and I will BECOME karma!


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