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There are many games and rhymes that your children will learn in the school playground, and many, surprisingly enough, are the same ones that we played in our childhood. I’m sure everyone remembers how the person who was to become “it” in tiggy or chasey would be chosen with the use of eeny meeny miny moe (I might add, that in our day the version was politically incorrect with the line being ‘catch a nigger by the toe’ – they were just words to us then but I look back in horror now!)
Hand clapping was a favourite game for my girls and this was accompanied by various songs; Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack, All dressed in black, black black…under the bamboo tree, a sailor went to sea, to see what he could see!
My favourite, and by far the most difficult game, involves knuckles/ hand tapping and my youngest daughter Louise and I still play it today! It requires quick thinking, fast actions and much skill, tapping each other’s knuckles and the sides of your fists in unison whilst you chant the words; Double Double This This, Double Double That That, Double This, Double That, Double Double This That!
I seemed to always be the one to muck it up, others erupting in laughter as I begged “Do it again, do it again, I’ll get it right this time!” I love that it’s a game that Louise and I have shared over the years and I hope we continue to play for many more! Perhaps it will help prevent my brain from turning to dust…



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