A trip down memory lane…

The first months of parenting fly by pretty quickly ( although I’m sure some days had 48 hrs in them not 24!) and before you know it you have a chubby toddler ( or in my case 2) at your feet.
Sleep deprivation can make it tricky to remember anything; let alone when that glorious first tooth appeared ( after yet more sleep deprivation!) or when that first word was uttered ( hopefully its Mum, mum mum- a just reward for all your hard work!)
One of the best presents we received for our twin boys was baby books to record their milestones.; blue for Twin 1 and white for T2.
I clearly recall back then asking another mum with older kids how she weaned her baby off breast milk and being horrified when she couldn’t remember! What sort of mum was she? Who could forget such an important thing? I’d never forget such an important thing…
Well guess what? I’ve got no idea now how I did anything back then!!!!
At the time you are living and breathing all things baby and your whole world revolves around their needs; in fact your whole world belongs to the little being ( beings) that you have created. Sleep times and feed times are sacred and heaven help the visitor who drops in unannounced at nap time!
But I digress; back to the baby books! I religiously recorded every milestone in these books and added notes and photos and boy am I glad I did.
Now on the odd occasion when one of my boys asks a question about when they were babies, out come the books and an enjoyable time is had by all reminiscing about babyhood. My boys ( now 19) love hearing stories about when they were little and it was this and my failing memory that led to the penning of a book with my best friend of nearly 50 years! In it we recorded various anecdotes from their youth ( she has three girls) and whilst originally it was intended as a keepsake for our kids, I’m happy to report we have had much success selling it to other mums!



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