Mother nature reveals her secrets to those that walk her path…

Nature is full of breathtaking sights, and anyone who has seen a murmuration will agree it is awe inspiring and completely mesmerising.
It is as if the starlings have been rehearsing the choreography of their movements for months on end; scientists believe that they do this for warmth, to make it hard for predators ( safety in numbers) and to gather information from each other – a massive flying community group, gossiping before settling down for the evening.
The animal kingdom is full of complex creatures  who live, eat and exist in many different forms and conditions.
Whilst visiting zoos gives you a small insight into how certain animals live, nothing comes close to seeing these animals in their own habitat.
We have been lucky enough to take our kids on numerous trips to various parts of the world, and  one highlight was Africa where we did various safaris on the savannahs in Tanzania and Kenya.
Nothing comes close to seeing magnificent animals such as lions, giraffes and zebras cavorting in their homeland.
Amazingly, whilst I get upset watching animals eat each other on tv documentaries, seeing a pride of lions ( complete with cubs) feasting on a baby giraffe whilst the mother looked on from a distance was not disturbing to us at all. Having lived and breathed nature for 3 weeks and seen starving cheetahs stalking prey and coming up empty handed gives you a different perspective and an understanding on how the food chain works. If the lions didn’t eat, they would starve, and it is a well known fact that giraffes are not in the running for Mother of the Year award!
The world is an incredible place and even though we have travelled quite a lot, we have barely scratched the surface of all it has to offer.
“The earth has music for those who choose to listen…”



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3 thoughts on “Mother nature reveals her secrets to those that walk her path…

  1. I spent a month in Kenya in January. Such raw beauty in nature. How blessed we are to get to enjoy such things while others are too scared, too broke, too this or that. Great post. Is that a photo you took? I just wrote a blog called Trunking and could use a photo of elephants touching each other. Might you have one I could use?

  2. Hi Hannah, I have many pics of elephants, both from Africa and also from our recent trip to Sri Lanka. I can send you some if you want – what is best email?
    Or this pic was from pixabay – free for anybody to use 😃

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