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Today, I stopped and looked closely at a childhood portrait of myself and my two older siblings, taken fifty years ago. The black and white photo has sat in a silver frame on a wooden table at my parents’ home for the past 27 years. As I studied my face and dress, the memories of when it was taken came flooding back. I was around 3 years old, my brother Steven 6, and my eldest brother Peter, was 8. We’d been taken to a local photographer’s studio in Ringwood, Victoria, dressed in our Sunday best, and I recall feeling very scared and apprehensive. I don’t remember the actual photographer, but I do remember the magic vanishing egg cup he used to put us in a playful mood and get us smiling for the camera; it was red, made of plastic, and had a stem that my brothers and I all found easy to hold. The photographer showed us the trick and then allowed each of us to have a go. I remember we were all amazed and loved the trick, taking great joy in fooling each other with the vanishing egg. I don’t recall us fighting over the cup, a rare occurrence indeed; I just remember it being a really happy moment together & I think this shows in the photo. I am sure there a thousands of photos of siblings around the world like this; a time of happiness perfectly captured that links us to the past. I look at my children’s childhood portraits and wonder what their memories are of their photos together…

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