Babies & Yarn

Babies and yarn!
Life with a new baby ( or in my case babies) is very different to life before kids! A pattern of sleep, feed, sleep, feed,  bath and so on is soon established ( if you are lucky!) and routine takes over your world.
Whilst I had two babies to contend with, I still had it easier than my friend from Mothers Group whose baby suffered from reflux and constantly cried and vomited everywhere! I soon realised that having two babies, whilst damn hard work, didn’t necessarily mean tougher times than those with singletons. There are definite advantages to having twins and as they grew older, in their world it was like having your best friend over for a permanent sleepover!
After the kids were grown up, the word pattern evolved in my world in a very different way. My girlfriend and I established an Etsy business, Little Owls and Pals and knitting patterns and yarn took over our house. My husband often comments that balls of wool must procreate, leading to a wool explosion in our house!
Wool is one of my shopping weaknesses, along with books and handbags, so never take me into a store that sells these items!😊
Still, as I tell him, there are far worse things in life, than having wool invade your space…


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