Abstract Creations

I loved spending time playing with my boys, and from about 18 months old, creativity was very much a part of our daily life. This resulted in various abstract creations (many of which are still proudly on display in my china cabinet) using many different tools. Potatoes were used to cut out shapes and then dip in paint for stamps; newspaper and balloons were used to make papier-mâché piggy banks, and of course there were the staple favourites, finger painting and normal painting using butcher’s paper on easels. (I had a friend who was a butcher and he saved me a fortune in paper costs!)
In older years my boys turned to abstract imaginative play and many a reenactment of scenes from Harry Potter was performed in our house using various household items as props.
I know my kids fondly remember these times ( they are now 19) and I treasure every memory I have.
They certainly won’t remember me as a house cleaning Mummy, but I love that they remember me as a “fun mum” !

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