Twin Nuances

I gave birth to twins, and them being fraternal made it slightly easier than if they had been identical. Having said that, in the blur of the first weeks it was often hard to keep track of which was which! Sleep deprivation does not lead to a fully functioning mind and I clearly recall the night I went into their room and for the life of me couldn’t figure which one was crying, not remembering which bassinet had which baby!
As the weeks went by, each developed their own nuances and though very similar it was easy to tell them apart.
My favourite question when venturing out was “Are they twins?” To which I was sorely tempted to reply, “No, they are triplets, I just left one at home!”
Again, sleep deprivation and short time frame between feeds in which to shop, meant I was not very receptive to the people( whom I’m sure were lovely) wanting to touch them or tell you about their neighbour’s cousin’s daughter who had twins; LIKE I CARED!!!!
I only cared about my gorgeous babies and keeping them happy!


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