Nervous =New Mum

Strange how when you have kids so much in your life changes; not just your body but your mind as well!
I always suffered from nervousness in my youth; the only reason I passed my driving test (after failing the first attempt) was because I had a migraine and the medication numbed everything, including my nerves, allowing me to pass!
Likewise a new mum worries about everything little thing and is often convinced they are doing everything wrong! The only parenting advice I will ever give is ” go with your instinct, and if it works for you run with it. Listen to everyone’s advice and then do what works for you and your baby! There is no such thing as a perfect parent, nor a perfect child for that matter! Everyone is different and as long as you and your baby are happy and healthy all will work out.
Once my boys entered the world, my persona changed and the only nerves I suffered from related to them! My motherhood mantra was ” it is what it is and worrying about things won’t change a thing”.
That said, this only applied to things that affected me – when it came to my kids, it was a different story! When they sat exams I was the one who was on edge; they cheerfully took it all in their stride! When they went overseas for 5 weeks with school, they were fine and I was a nervous mess ( although I never let on to them!)
Weirdly, after having kids I could no longer ride on a chairlift; pre kids I had loved the sensation; after kids I was terrified and I couldn’t quite fathom why!
Ah, the joys of becoming a mum; you have no idea of what is to come…


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