Here a Thrip, there a thrip, everywhere a thrip thrip!

I recall the Summer of 2009 when a horrendous plague infiltrated Melbourne. An unusual spate of damp weather followed by a warm spell led to the explosion of the thrip population!
It was impossible to go out at dusk or you would be blanketed by a whirlwind tornado of tiny winged creatures. I remember the first occasion I encountered them; thinking I had walked through a cobweb I was doing a mad dance,  clawing at my face, visions of a fat, black hairy spider nesting in my hair, when I looked down at my tshirt and realised it was covered in a multitude of little bugs! Granted it was better than a spider in my hair,but only just!
That was just the beginning; for weeks after, you could not hang your washing outside for fear a cloud of thrips would descend from the sky and blanket the wet laundry.
Walking your dog meant consuming a meal of the dreaded insects unless you kept your mouth shut and batted them from your face.
Miraculously a few weeks later they vanished and once more washing flapped in the breeze in Melbourne!



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