As youngsters, Lis and I were real tomboys. During our summer holidays at Blairgowrie we spent our days exploring the local tea-treed menagerie of streets, sitting & walking on top of the beach stone walls, climbing and picking fruit from a huge mulberry tree and frequenting the nearby Blairgowrie Milk Bar for lollies and ice creams. As 10 year olds we were free to roam from dawn til dusk. There were no mobile phones in those days and our parents didn’t seem to worry about us as long as we came home for lunch and tea. One day whilst exploring, we came upon an abandoned caravan on a nearby block of land. Being intrepid explorers we decided to go inside and have a look. It was quite old (from the 1950s) and we started opening the cupboards and drawers to see what treasure we could find. Imagine our fright when we opened one of the drawers and saw a tiger snake coiled up inside! We screamed and ran for our lives as fast as we could. When we were far enough away, we stopped, doubled over , gasping for breath and laughing hysterically. Over and over we rehashed our drama, disbelieving of what had just happened. We agreed we had just cheated death but now we were ready to face our next adventure together.


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