Memory Triggers!

The word jiggle conjures teabags in my head and I am not a fan of tea. The only time I drank tea was in a hospital bed; I didn’t like it then and I haven’t touched it since. Strange how you avoid things that have adverse memory associations. Many names were discarded during the process of choosing what our babies were going to be called. My husband or I may have actually liked the name itself but had unfortunately encountered someone that we didn’t like in our past with said name and consequently had a strong aversion to it.
The reverse of this is the trend to name your baby after a popular character in a movie or tv show leading to these names becoming common at that time; Jacob and Isobella soared up the popularity charts when “Twilight” was released.
Songs are another memory trigger; how often do you hear a song and get transported to a different world? Often couples have their “own song”, relating to a special time or place; my husband’s and my song is “Against all Odds” by Phil Collins.
Who else has a special song?

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