Dry as a bone…

Australians certainly comprehend the word arid. Any who have visited the outback would equate the word with visions of red soil under the relentless hot sun; shimmering in the unbearable heat.
Even in the southern most parts of the country there have been tough times with strict water restrictions. Cars not to be washed in driveways, gardens only to be watered on certain days and so forth. The ramifications are endless with often unexpected consequences. I work at a physiotherapy clinic and there was a distinct increase in arm injuries due to carrying buckets filled with water saved from either the bath or the washing machine! Water was a precious commodity never to be wasted.
All this seems surreal when Winter comes and you are caught in a torrential rainfall!
However us city dwellers certainly don’t suffer the way our farmers do.
I would love to hear others memories of water restriction times…


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