Mummy, run and hide…

Often when the kids were little I would fantasize about a secret hideout where I could go and just be by myself for a few hours. Much as I loved my little treasures, solitude was no longer a part of my life and being on call 24/7 becomes very draining.
What I would have given for a mobile telephone; in our day we were stuck, limited to the length of cord connected to the phone. And as any mum will tell you, children who have been avidly glued to the television and would not have moved if a bomb went off, suddenly demand immediate attention as soon as the phone rings.
Another coveted fantasy was a trip to the loo on my own; not asking too much you would think, but no, it never happened.
Bliss became hanging the washing out whilst hubby watched the kids – HOW SAD IS THAT?!!!!
Those days are long gone and as always the grass is greener on the other side. Now I quite often have the pleasure of my own company and ironically I long for my little boys to once more look at me like I am the most important person in their world and beg for my attention!



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