Now here is a word that resonates in our world and one that our husbands hate! Nothing beats the euphoric feeling and sense of pride and accomplishment when you finish a handmade craft item.

A wool shop is dangerous ground – once entered we will never emerge without copious balls of yarn, ready for our next project! My husband firmly believes that said balls of wool procreate and are really aliens attempting to take over our house! Strands of wool join the strands of dog hair around my “crafting chair”…

This passion lead to the opening of our etsy store

where we sell both handmade knitted animals and material ones.

Our other etsy store, sells craft of a different ilk; the craft of writing! Here you can purchase a game for your kid’s party ( fashioned much like the Murder mystery games of the 90’s) These are also used as a literacy activity in the classroom.

Our love for creating certainly blossomed during our kids’ childhoods and most days involved some craft activity. These times created special memories which are irreplaceable; nothing beats spending fun time with your offspring “ getting down and dirty” ! 

You can read more about this in our book Mum’s the Word…

Would love to hear others craft passions….


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