Moments of “Solitude”

I do love my solitude. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does I find these moments enjoyable yet worrisome at the same time. When I was 18 I used to catch the train to work; driving to the station, parking, then walking from the car to the platform. In the morning light I felt safe, but when I returned, I would walk in darkness back to my car in the dimly lit car park, car keys tightly clenched in my hand, ready to use as a weapon if I was attacked. Luckily, nothing ever happened, but the feeling of being vulnerable when on my own has never left me.

During my 20’s there were many travels out and about town on my own. My confidence grew during this period and I travelled solo all over Melbourne. I loved visiting suburbs I had previously never been to; scouring antique & Op shops and finding little treasures to take home. In my job I worked as relief staff & this took me to suburbs on the other side of town where I would never normally go. At 30 I met my husband and we started a family the following year. With the birth of my first child, my solitude came to an end for a very long time.

I treasured my time raising my 3 girls. They still all live at home, but I have moments of solitude creeping back into my life and I relish these moments immensely. The freedom to walk out the door and go shopping on my own is something I cherish. I still carry a feeling of vulnerability & this is enhanced by constant news reports of women being attacked when walking alone. It is because of this I won’t walk alone, even near home. (I will always walk with my husband) My daughters do not seem to carry the same fear; they are aware of the dangers, but like most young feel invincible, believing nothing will ever happen to them.

I see solitude as a time of peace, quiet and enjoyment where you can connect with thoughts..


Do you enjoy solitude?


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