Overwhelming is having twins…

The definition of overwhelming can be summed up in one word – parenting.
Nothing in my life was quite as overwhelming as taking my newborn babies ( yes I was lucky enough to have twins) home from hospital.
Having had twins, the normal routine of having the baby in the room with mum did not occur; instead I went to the nursery to feed them. The night before we went home my husband stayed and both babies were put in the room with us to sleep the night. Sleep??? I don’t think either my husband or I actually managed to shut our eyes even once! First one baby would cry, then once settled the other would start! It still rates as one of the worst nights of our lives… Imagine our terror at being sent home that morning…. I thought I would never sleep again! Next came my husbands return to work; how the hell was I going to cope with 2 babies on my own! Overwhelmed with nappy changes, feeding times, sleep deprivation and constant demands from my babies I was terrified of being on my own. How could 2 such sweet innocent looking cherubs wreak such havoc in my life????
Happily, I soon mastered the art of routine but my life was irrevocably changed for ever..

And I wouldn’t change a thing…


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