Clean in a Mum’s World

Clean becomes an integral part of life once you have given birth. New mums instantly morph into the “clean police”, sterilising everything and everyone within their reach!
Ironically when I first brought my twin boys home from hospital, I suffered the worst bout of gastro I had ever endured; my body certainly revolted against the disinfectant process!

My daily “mum” challenge was to be showered and dressed each morning; once this had been accomplished I felt ready to face the world ( and the incessant demands of two tiny humans!) Unfortunately the plucking of eyebrows and shaving of legs/underarms became luxurious extras!

Over past years my house certainly could have been cleaner but I take comfort knowing my kids loved me playing with them, not yelling at them to stop making mess. Let the dust collect and make memories instead; the cobwebs will come back but their childhood will not….

You know what would make housework way more fun?
A maid! …


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