Should baby go too?

Yesterday I heard the story of the woman who took her 3 month old baby to the theatre and was asked to leave by the producers. Initially the usher had changed their tickets and moved them downstairs making it easier for them with the pram. However, once moved they were greeted with hostile stares from other patrons and then another usher came and informed them that the producers had asked that they leave, fearing the baby would cry and disrupt the performance. Interestingly, whilst I first felt sympathy for her, upon reflection I realised that if I myself had been at the theatre, I would have been one of the patrons staring at her. I would have been questioning why you would bring your baby here and risk upsetting those around you. Whilst I totally understand her reasoning, saying she has every right as a mother to take her baby, I think she was being somewhat naïve not expecting others that are attending the event to react negatively. If she had really wanted to go she should have rung the theatre prior to going and asked if it would be a problem, thus preventing any embarrassment upon attending. My belief is that when you become a parent, sacrifice is a word you become very familiar with! In my opinion, either express your milk and leave the baby behind or don’t go…..I would be interested to hear other people’s opinions.


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