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Mum’s The Word by Lis Norman and Tracey Samios is a heartwarming memoir about life after children. Lis and Tracey have been friends their whole lives. Together, they have written a book on what it’s like to be a mother – from two points of view. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, most times humorous, this book will remind any mother that all the tears, fears, and frustrations are worth it just to hear their kiddie say, “I love you!” Lis, a stay-at-home mother of twin boys, shows the reader how to cope and survive through a multiple birth. Tracey, a working mother of three girls, shows the ups and downs of life with stair-step children. Together, they have given the reader a balanced look at motherhood in all its glory.

Mum’s The Word by Lis Norman and Tracey Samios is a fun book filled with memories, advice, love, and laughter. With little bits of wisdom and encouragement from seasoned parents, this book would make a great gift for the new mother as a reminder that “Parents aren’t perfect!” and “You can’t be a Supermom first time around! Wait for your third child! You’ll surprise yourself!” It was interesting to see two women’s different perspectives – one a working mom, one a stay-at-home mom. They both enjoyed being mothers, and they both were creative parents. I can easily see this book helping an overly stressed mother through some hard times, if only to remind her that the most important thing (besides the health of your child) is a sense of humor! I would recommend this book to mothers who need a good laugh.

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