Melbourne Car Rampage

Melbourne Car Rampage

What a sad place our world is today.. yesterday in Melbourne four innocent people lost their lives and many others were injured. This was a result of the deliberate actions of a man with a background of mental health and drug related issues. It is sickening how such individuals can walk our streets bringing death and chaos into the lives of people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is heartbreaking to think that many families started yesterday as just a normal day, going into the city for whatever reason and then found themselves caught up in the horror of this sick individual’s evil acts. The only light that shines in this darkness is the wonderful actions of police and emergency services in dealing with the carnage. Whilst I have heard police being criticised in talk back radio, saying they had an opportunity to block his car in a street prior to the man ploughing his car into pedestrians, I believe we need to stop and think how those police would be feeling today knowing that people have lost their lives. Hindsight is all very well, but I think we need to  put ourself in their shoes and be aware of all the facts before we criticise their actions.

What needs to be addressed is our judicial system and how many times perpetrators of crimes are out on bail. Our justice system needs a complete overhaul to stop violent, repeat offenders being granted bail.

My heart breaks for all who have been affected by this senseless tragedy…


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