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Welcome to the world of ‘Mums the Word Blog!’

We are two mums, Lis Norman (pictured left above)  & Tracey Samios (on the right) that have been best friends for nearly 50 years and in recent years have undertaken various business ventures together:

selling knitted & fabric animals on etsy

selling kids mystery games on etsy

mystery games that are perfect for kids parties and a very useful literacy tool in the school classroom (they are reminiscent of the Murder Mystery parties of the 80’s, but we have been careful to replace the’murder’ aspect with a fun engaging mystery!

Our latest achievement was the writing and publishing of our new book ‘Mum’s the Word’ – Two Mums’ take on life with kids. The book reminisces on the many ups and downs of our parenting memories while providing some hopefully helpful advice to other mums out there.

Our book “Mum’s the Word” can be found at any of the bookstore links below:


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