Trust your Instincts!

I am a firm believer of trusting your instincts and not second guessing yourself. Having the confidence to believe in yourself is a worthy attribute and likewise if you do not trust something there is usually a good reason why. I recall walking the dog a few years ago in our local park and feeling the hairs on my scalp tingle watching a woman walking back and forth several times; she did not look threatening but the absence of a dog and not carrying a handbag made me very suspicious. Said woman followed me ( at a distance behind) when I left the park, and I confess when, after a short distance, I turned into our street I sprinted for our house, managing to get there before she turned the corner. From behind curtains, safely ensconced in my house, I furtively watched her pass by. To this day I don’t know what that woman was doing or why.
Days later upon recounting this story to a fellow dog walker ( a policewoman ) and proclaiming I was probably being silly, she gave me some good advice. She said if I had felt uneasy there was probably a very good reason why and she always tells people to trust their gut feeling and not hesitate.
“He who hesitates is lost”.
Hesitation and procrastination generally only postpone the inevitable; who, instead of jumping into a pool, stands shivering on the steps, inching their way into the cold water?  Far better to take the plunge and have it over and done with; the end result is the same!


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