Centre of the Universe!

Mums are generally the centre of the family universe and the family in turn is the centre of theirs.
If my husband and children are happy and healthy then all is right in my world. You mess with them and the mamma bear is instantly released and trust me, you don’t want to cross this angry mamma bear! Their problems are my problems and I will move heaven and earth to help them.
Yes, you need to let them make their own mistakes and make their way in this often harsh world but they can take comfort from the fact that I will ALWAYS be there to pick them up if they fall, comfort them in times of need and fix things if I can.
“Mothers are like glue.
Even when you can’t see them,
They’re still holding the family together. ”
My Mum went to heaven nearly 20 years ago and I still miss her every day…


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